Sleeping With Technology Paper

11 05 2012

Content and persuasion

19 06 2011

Last week I was at DocFest, Sheffield UK, doing a session on Digital Influence. The speaker after me, really had a very nice story about digital infuence in practice. Lucy was not aware that she was applying the dragonflyeffect, (focus, grab attention, enable people and take action), but she really succeeded to use the social movement at its full potential.

We all know that content is super important, it has to be high quality, and it needs to be focused, so it is simple to understand and to follow. This lady Lucy Cooke, is a filmy maker, writer and froglover, but I think she now also loves sloths 🙂

Lucy wanted to to a documentary on Frogs, but didn’t got the money together, so she decided to just leave and do her thing,  I always admire that with people! And this is how the endearing story came a lvie about saving animals and how things can go really fast in a virtual world, if you communicate well and have interesting stories to tell. 

I’m not gong to repeat her blogpost, but you can read all about Lucy here and the story of slothville, it is a fascinating story, how Lucy got a contract to film a serie now on sloths and how she got contacted by Simon and Shuster to write a book! Enjoy the story!


Meet the sloths from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo.

Facebook the new Microsoft?

4 03 2011

A curious week, the launch of IPAD 2, and the commotion on the Apple app store and terms that Apple sets to publishers, the new rules of facebook in selling profile information. 

What have these 2 in common. Yes a walled garden. Remember the digital tv discussions in the mid 90’s (interactive tv), a lot mediacompanies saw their potential in the walled gardens. But it didn’t really happen then. Now the telecom parties take that over, Belgacom TV and Telenet have their own walled garden in a way. And maybe we are going back to this system.

I’m not fan of a walled garden, and more for open systems, but having a few meetings in the creative sector this week, I feel that there is a lot of material for debate. On one hand these walled gardens give opportunity to gain money on what you offer there, finally. Let’s face it, the app store from Apple is really working, and a 1 euro app is bought fast. The open model might return to a free model as the internet is.  

Remember the days when Microsoft delivered Explorer in their operating system, and all the commotion around that. Wondering if the EU can know say that Apple need to change its model.

And what about Facebook, the most powerful social network of all, with ‘places’ active all over the world, will  foursquare and gowalla have a long live, maybe if they can keep one step ahead or have an more added value then Facebook places. If you want to do something online, and want to connect with the connected, Facebook is your place to be right. It forces itself in your professional or leisure life either way. Together with LinkedIn they rule. Will Facebook stay? Well it might not, but the social netwok will, maybe in other model in the future.

All excited things to think about, and curious how it will evolve.

Some figures about facebook

QT VR in 1997

11 02 2011
Download now or watch on posterous

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TED talk – How sleep makes you more productive, and creative.

3 01 2011

Good sleep leads to a better life.

24 10 2010

I’m using ZEO since the end of August. The ZEO device made me even more punctual on my rytmes during the day, and stimulated me to track my activity during the day and evening.

What is ZEO

ZEO gives you an analysis of your sleep, and reports in ZQ. ZQ is the sum of your light sleep, REM sleep, DEEP sleep, times in wake and how long in wake. You can score higher ZQ by optimizing REM and DEEP, and total sleep in general. You lose ZQ points with times in wake.

How does this works

ZEO consists of a headband and a ZEO device, which are wireless connected to each other, during the night data is transfered to the ZEO device by tracking your brain waves. I usually upload my data every week and then check where I need to optimize my sleep. Because the tracking is an enabler to optimize your sleep. On the website, you can set your goals and start working on your sleep fitness program.

Sleep fitness

A lot of people came to me, since I’m using this, talking about their sleep, and telling that they don’t sleep well. There are a lot of sleep disruptives possible, and mostly you know them of course. It is about changing habits and create discipline to work on that. The Zeo together with the online personal sleeping coach helps you define the disruptive elements, and make you really aware about them every day, also because the daily reporting (ZQ) on your ZEO device tells you are on your way or not, and really shows you what is going on, and when it is going on.

Sleep is very personal?

Sleep might be very personal for people, especially if you don’t sleep well. There can be tons of reasons of course, you might worry about family, work, have anxiety or have crying babies (but that is hopefully temporary), or snoring husband or wife. Posting your sleep data to a website may go a bit far you might think, but by doing this, you get lots of more info, also from other people, and you can start talking about it, and share exepriences, it will create a sence of community feeling ‘not being alone’ with your sleeping problems or habits. We will learn form each other to get a better life.

So far my findings:

ZEO helped to measure my sleep, and to get to know what is going on at night, I must say I always have been fascinated about this. I like to sleep, have wonderful dreams, sometimes a bit weird, but I like dreaming. And when I have long DEEP sleeps I really feel it! I don’t use any sleep medicine, I sometimes smoke a joint, and it highers my REM a bit, but in general it does not have a high impact on my sleep. Where as alcohol is really bad for sleep.

My friend and I are exchanging ZQ scores, and we talk a lot about our sleep, this makes it also fun! We exchange our dreams and so on. To share this with someone more intimate, stimulates to really work on it, and make it kind of a competition.

ZEO made my schedule more rigid, I try to go to bed at the same time, and get up by the same time. I did this before ZEO as well, but not so conscious. 

Exercise regurarly: practicing Tai Chi twice a week, and cycle or run once a week.

Work related exercise:

– Try to avoid annoying people, who irritate you, try to stay happy and constructive (this is also for your private life, filter on people you spend time with)

– Avoid stress, if you do have stress, exercise more, this always helps for me. Try to find out what makes you stressful, and do something about it. It might be little things.

– Keep things in control and be organized. This might be for everybody different, but running different projects, it is easy to lose control, and stay organized keeps my life easy and manageable.

– Keep a balance between private and work. Not always easy, but challenging.

– Go with the flow, things just happen sometime, and sometimes you can do something about it and sometimes not.

What’s next:

– Predicting my sleep analysis. 

– Optimizing my DEEP sleep. 

– Keeping my total sleep hours (min 8 hours a night)

– My average ZQ is 75, would like to be in 80’s.

ZEO device is now available in Europe trough

Interviews with some speakers on Design For Persuasion

5 10 2010