Facebook the new Microsoft?

4 03 2011

A curious week, the launch of IPAD 2, and the commotion on the Apple app store and terms that Apple sets to publishers, the new rules of facebook in selling profile information. 

What have these 2 in common. Yes a walled garden. Remember the digital tv discussions in the mid 90’s (interactive tv), a lot mediacompanies saw their potential in the walled gardens. But it didn’t really happen then. Now the telecom parties take that over, Belgacom TV and Telenet have their own walled garden in a way. And maybe we are going back to this system.

I’m not fan of a walled garden, and more for open systems, but having a few meetings in the creative sector this week, I feel that there is a lot of material for debate. On one hand these walled gardens give opportunity to gain money on what you offer there, finally. Let’s face it, the app store from Apple is really working, and a 1 euro app is bought fast. The open model might return to a free model as the internet is.  

Remember the days when Microsoft delivered Explorer in their operating system, and all the commotion around that. Wondering if the EU can know say that Apple need to change its model.

And what about Facebook, the most powerful social network of all, with ‘places’ active all over the world, will  foursquare and gowalla have a long live, maybe if they can keep one step ahead or have an more added value then Facebook places. If you want to do something online, and want to connect with the connected, Facebook is your place to be right. It forces itself in your professional or leisure life either way. Together with LinkedIn they rule. Will Facebook stay? Well it might not, but the social netwok will, maybe in other model in the future.

All excited things to think about, and curious how it will evolve.

Some figures about facebook




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