Content and persuasion

19 06 2011

Last week I was at DocFest, Sheffield UK, doing a session on Digital Influence. The speaker after me, really had a very nice story about digital infuence in practice. Lucy was not aware that she was applying the dragonflyeffect, (focus, grab attention, enable people and take action), but she really succeeded to use the social movement at its full potential.

We all know that content is super important, it has to be high quality, and it needs to be focused, so it is simple to understand and to follow. This lady Lucy Cooke, is a filmy maker, writer and froglover, but I think she now also loves sloths 🙂

Lucy wanted to to a documentary on Frogs, but didn’t got the money together, so she decided to just leave and do her thing,  I always admire that with people! And this is how the endearing story came a lvie about saving animals and how things can go really fast in a virtual world, if you communicate well and have interesting stories to tell. 

I’m not gong to repeat her blogpost, but you can read all about Lucy here and the story of slothville, it is a fascinating story, how Lucy got a contract to film a serie now on sloths and how she got contacted by Simon and Shuster to write a book! Enjoy the story!


Meet the sloths from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo.




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