Short introduction on MIPTV featuring milia

10 04 2008

BBC Iplayer

8 04 2008

The BBC has always been pretty innovative. They launched their Iplayer to view online shorts. It is an extension towards the traditional tv channel.

They do try different content formats, e.g Doctor Who tv serie. Where you can make your own Doctor Who trailer. In that way a whole bzz is created around the serie.

Last week, I saw this announcement on the BBC, it was april fools day right. All of a sudden I see these flying pinguins on TV :-), this was one of the showcases today at milia…, it was a joke!

Sex, lies and online TV by Jason Kilar

8 04 2008

NBC Universal & News Corporation announced the online video site Hulu in March 2007. Hulu is only available in the US right now, but they are looking at European and Azian parntners to deliver content in he other continents as well.

Hulu is a breaktrough on online television. You have premium content to view, all the time available. And with some tricks, you can also viewed in Europe 🙂

The content is completly free, and the hulu concept is completly add driven. They connect with MSN Video as a partner.

hulu website