Wild Palms (1993) from Oliver Stone a far away future or…

23 04 2008

The other week we were talking about holograms, and then we remembered the serie Wild Palms from Oliver Stone, I don’t know if it made it to Belgium, but this serie is sc-fi drama about the brainwashing through drugs and technology. Church Windows will be the first show to air in this method, where the action will take place in living rooms across the country, and people will be able to interact with the reality. You will see the use of holograms, virtual reality, we are in the Year 2007 in Los Angeles…, oliver stone was close with his timing!


Holy Fire, art of the digital age – 18-30 april

18 04 2008

iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology is proud to present Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age a collective exhibition featuring a unique panel of digital artworks created in the last years by internationally known new media artists, and coming from galleries and collections from around the world (USA, Europe, Russia). Holy Fire is an attempt to explore how new media art, bypassing all the stereotypes connected with its presumed immateriality and difficulties of maintenance, was able to enter the art market.

Nokia Trends lab

15 04 2008

In the Nokia trends lab everything is related to mobile technology. You can explore experiments, and give your creativity a boost, check it out!

Mobile Ad News

15 04 2008

Mobile Ad News is a portal connecting Mobile – media and advertising. Founded by Ferhan and Jim Cook. Both a long time experience in the media field. Stay tuned on Mobile trends worldwide


13 04 2008

Adobe TV is your information platform on adobe products. Video tutorials explain how to do specific tasks within the adobe productline. Very nice interface, slick and functional! Smooth video. Get insights from adobe evangilists and product manangers. Adobe community, all in one place!

Pangea day on May 10TH 2008

11 04 2008

The day the world comes together trough film!

Pangea day’s goal is to bring together millions of people from all over the world in a unique shared experience and form a global community striving for a better future!

Pangea Day is sponsored by Nokia Connecting people!

Pangea day was created by documantary maker Jehane Noujaim. In a world where people are often devided by borders, differences and conflict, it’s easy to lose sight of what we have in common. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that.

Al lot of the video footage was taken by mobile devices, Nokia also send smartphones to refugee camps, so also those people could film there thoughts or experiences.

I think this is a great initiative, which we should all support! See what happens on May 10th!!

The pangea comes from 250 million years ago, when all continents were still together and not yet split by oceans. the break up started like 180 million years ago!

Social Networks – BEBO

11 04 2008

BEBO is even more succesfull then mySpace, lead by Joanna Shields, former managing director at google for EMEA partnerships and syndication.

BEBO also enters the short webisodes, one of them is Kate Modern. Kate modern is typical drama for teens and 20+, the audience of bebo. Bebo also teamed up with Endemol to launch an interactive drama serie called The Gap Year, the series will follow six Bebo users on a globe-trotting journey that will be documented on the site through video diaries, blogs and photos.

Bebo and myspacetv will become full blown media platforms, and bring tv series or webisodes to a next generation. Just as with mySpace, Bebo its target audience is teens and 20+.

Bebo has 40 million members mainly in the UK. Bebo was sold for 850 million dollars in CASH! to AOL a Time Warner company. Bebo is already profitable more then a year now, and in good shape! Branded content will become more and more important.

At Bebo they see less user generated content, and professional conent is taking over. The video content is from broadcasters and is completly owend, the social network is used as a distribution platform.

Content is still very important, and needs to be quality! The storyelling and so forth is very important. Spicing this with all the community features we all know, this will become a powerfull medium!