My name is Christel De Maeyer born and raised in Belgium.

I have been active in the multimedia market since….a long time :-), 1989 it all started with Macromind, right!

We launched Macromind Director in Belgium with plusproducts in 1989, a cool distributor of software at that time. After that I went into multimedia productions offline and online. Worked national and international in different markets. And have broad experience in managing teams, a variety of productions. In the mid 90’s I also flirted a bit in the game indusry. I also had n Adobe Authorized training Center in Belgium from 2000-2007, sold it to an international group, and it is continuing its further life there!

As a film-music lover, I fell in love with the multimedia industry, combining all these media assets, is fascinating. It was hard work then, it still is, but things are more mature right now, and that makes our lives easier.

I wrote a little book on my period in that industry, it is more my view and experiences in that market and covers the period of 1990-2005. Soon available here in a PDF format! However in Dutch for now!

All these years I have seen a lot of shifting in the industry, saw a lot of things that didn’t get to the market. It all was very fascinating, and it still is. So there you have the idea to start this mediachannel, feel free to comment on it, if all goes well, it should become a great discussion forum.

Before I was into ballet 🙂

before i was into ballet;-)

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One of my favorite dialogues:

“We gotta go and never stop going till we get there.”
“Where we going man?”
“I don’t know, but we gotta go.”

Jack Keroauc


One response

18 09 2008
Michael Douma

Dear Christel ,
The Internet has transformed how we communicate with the public, but there are still many challenges in making information easy to find. Since you cover social software in Mediachannel, I thought you might be interested in a study that my nonprofit published this summer about how people find information online. The study covers three groups: non-profit organizations and cities; web designers and firms; and the general public.
The study was fascinating on a number of levels, and I invite you to read the executive summary or download a PDF of the findings at http://www.idea.org/find-information.html .
The survey results sparked ideas about tools we could provide that might make finding information online easier. This fall, we will start beta testing a cool new new navigational tool. I don’t have your email, so if you are interested, you can sign up for our beta here: http://www.spicynodes.org/ or to stay abreast of our (very) occasional new projects, you can get our newsletter here: http://www.idea.org/newsletter.html

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