dConstruct08 – Designing the social web

8 09 2008

A one day conference, payable and very interesting! dConstruct speakers were carefully selected, mainly from the US, who gave some insides on the evolution on the social web. It is clear that we are only at the beginning of the social web.

Recently I posted here some thoughts why this sudden explosion and why companies start to care about it. It is all not so new, as in the real world we all have social networks, different people in our network. All though I must say that my social network on line is quite different then my real one.

This day kicks off with ( Steven Johnson) a history on social networks, starting in the 18 th century when cholera was every where…, and how this was mapped and located in different areas of a city (London). This talk leaded to the Geoweb. Indeed the social web is now more a global happening (if you look at facebook and a likes), but we will see soon the added value of local social networks, blogs which discuss local issues and so forth. technology is there (also because of the local aware devices) to push that information to you, that is important for you, and at a certain extend concerns you. Your neighborhood etc… The Urban web is created.

Playing the web: how games can make the internet (and the world) a better place, Aleks Krotoski a passionate speaker, gives us insights on how games and web can come together, to make it more an engaging experience. The importance of human interaction and interface design seems somehow not to apply for gaming. How can we open this billion dollar industry towards a social web, and how maybe we can adapt the playfulness to social media.

Designing for the colar reef, brought by the Dopplr guys was really entertaining, the dopplr site is a site where you can talk and post all your travel plans. In addition you link with friends and get reviews and recommendations on the place where you go, from restaurants to hotels, to flickr photos and so forth. A model to be followed!

The closing by Jeremy Keith – The system of the world, an interesting view the system of networks, how they work, a philosophical short lecture which brought a lot of silence, soon on podcast!

This was really worthwhile visiting! Cu next year!


Ribbit open platform for Telephony Innovation

10 07 2008

Ribbit is a phone company reinvented. Combining the web, social networking features with voice.

Telephony has remained virtually unchanged for decades, while at the same time the Internet has revolutionized personal communications in the blink of an eye. Yet, these two worlds remain distinct; walled-off from each other and blocking the innovations that would surely emerge if they were allowed to come together.

Ribbit was created to break this stalemate. Ribbit is the result of a group of Silicon Valley phone and Web veterans coming together, in a distinctly new way, to create a distinctly new company.  View the ribbit website for more info, interesting to follow.


Short introduction on MIPTV featuring milia

10 04 2008