Working on presentation techniques lecture

27 08 2008

While doing that, I’m cruising on the net, to get some documentation and material for showing different sides of making presentations.

Came across this today on the presentationzen site, I guess that Garr Reynolds is a Jazz fan, I’m almost sure, he relates very often to documentaries as a kind of storytelling towards presentation techniques. This is a very beatiful opening or intro to a Jazz documentary. It also uses the Ken Burns effect, actually the documentary is produced by Ken Burns, maybe most of you know Ken Burns from the Ken Burns effect, which is integrated in Apple’s Imovie, and other apps. Kind of a nice story as well!

The story of the Ken Burns effect.

To continue on this Jazz part, and Jazz is creating art on the fly, I guess the real expert in this, is Miles Davis, creating the soundtrack while watching the movie, he got a briefing, watched the film, the second time created the music for it, just amazing! Ascenseur pour l’echafaud – the Louis Malle.