24 06 2008

SocialThing is a website that bundles all the specs and whereabouts of your friends, a news feed where everything comes together. You can interact there for all the social network sites you are on. How to manage your digital life…

It is in private beta, but you can always sign in for a request.


Comcast acquires Plaxo

21 05 2008

Comcast one of the biggest communication companies in the world invests in social networking. Comcast delivers broadband internet services, digital services and broadband phone service. By acquiring Plaxo, they can bring the social network to different devices and platforms. Comcast also focuces on commerce and content, the Plaxo network can offer professional content and extend their services for the Plaxo user.

Another example of the trends we see within the social network community (mySpace, bebo)

Multimania 2M08, fully booked!

20 05 2008

Indeed, we welcome like a 1000 multimedia addicts. Multimania is having his 8th Edition in Kortrijk XPO.

4 tracks on design, development, audio- video, 3D, with a worldpremiere from Eyetronics.

Workshops on Adobe Air, Flash Media Server and MS Silverlight.

Check it out and visit the website.