Looking back (2008) and forward (2012)

6 08 2010

While I was going trough some archives this week, and came across a video I did on MipTV 2008, it was interesting how fast things can change. That edition of that MipTV conference was all about social networks and broadcasting/tv industry, connecting it together, the other hot thing was Mobile entertainment and development especially in Asian markets and development countries. At that time Bebo got acquired by AOL Time Warner, and mySpace hooked up with Fox/News Corporation. Both of these networks lost a lot of market share these days. Bebo lost it because AOL didn’t pay any attention to the local aspect of the network, which was mainly popular in the UK. And mySpace just lost his sexy image. Bebo is a perfect example of what happens quite a lot with acquirements. If you read the press releases about these acquirements, wheter it is a company or a platform, it always says ‘there will be a lot of synergy’ (which is really a joke), and the other thing ‘nothing will change’, well everything changes, so if you plan on selling your business or platform, you better not get to attached to it! 

In 2008, Facebook was not yet in the picture (not in Europe), but if you look at now, it is the 3rd population if it would be a country, that is really amazing, the growth it goes trough right now. Facebook is the perfect broadcast model for the everyday user.  It connects very easily, and the reach can be professional or leisure. Which makes it very powerful. Together with Google they practically dominate the world.

Remember Open ID, Open ID should allow you to login with one username and password, to all the different networks and social media platforms, I don’t know if you noticed, but nowadays, you can login with your facebook account specs (facebook connect), right substituting Open ID. Another aspect that makes Facebook an added value.

Just yesterday we had this little micro conversation on Iphone versus Google Android. While Google Android is an OS, it slowely takes its market place, and who will win the battle. If we look into the past, being open and transparent always made it versus the closed environments (if this is better or not, that is a different discussion), and then there is also the price issue of course. Will the Iphone become like an Apple Macintosh (in the 80’s the cost was 5000 euro) versus a PC Windows (1500 euro). This was one of the reasons that Apple stayed in an elite and did n’t make it big in the ’80’s early 90’s.

Curious how it will evolve in 2012! 

Still got one at home 🙂




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