Free – Chris Anderson

19 07 2009

Yesterday I was posting a status update on Facebook:

‘Economy of atoms and economy of bits, digital immigrants and digital natives’. Could we make a love story of this….

immediate reactions from ‘friends’, they guided me to the video and audio book of Chris Anderson latest book Free. I just read the release announcement for Belgian market with my hairdresser that morning, yes….

So, here is the video and the link to the audio book.

It was in San Francisco when I first heard this term ‘Economy of bits’, or people are thinking in bits now, and before in atoms, while having a discussion with Gordon Knox from the humanities lab Stanford. I’m sure we will hear a lot more about this, and while the masses uses the internet more and more in a functional way, the digital divide will get more narrow as we get along. Hopefully internet access will get free, bandwidth will be available everywhere and accessible every where.