Social Networking – mySpaceTV

11 04 2008

A few month ago I already talked about Quarterlife on plugmedia site. mySpace continues to invest in TV productions on line. They team up with Fox Interactive – a News Corp devision (Rupert Murdoch).
mySpaceTV is launched for a year now, and became a seperate site next to mySpace.

mySpace site is localized in 26 countries, has 200 million users and has 75000 upload a day. As with the other Social Networks like Bebo and Facebook, they get their revenue from advertising.

mySpace also made a deal with the Shine Group, yes owned by Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of…, to distribute video content launched on mySpaceTV. It is a reverse world, but we have seen that before on the blog site as well. Blogs that become books!
In that way mySpaceTV will be very fast profitable.

The target audience: teens and 20+, is the internet generation, and looks differnt to the TV. While we came home and got in front of the TV, they go and play or chat or do some kind of entertainment on their computer, and on the internet. And mySapce is clearly one of their playgrounds!

Roommates is one the recent shorts on mySpaceTV. I love chieftown, from the makers of Kate modern (a short from BEBO) will soon be released on mySpaceTV to, a 60 webisodes will be launched mid september. mySapce users will be involved in this process, they will be encouraged to shape the stories and characters. and voila a new format is born!!! There will be plenty of room for branding and advertising, however in subttle ways, and not as traditional advertising! Revenue will also come from DVD sales and other mercahndising.

mySpaceTV will aslo be an excellent plaform to test and promote film productions (mainly arthouse movies), who otherwise have a real hard time to get distributed, will be gaining a lot of this platform, all these eyeballs (visitors a day on mySpaceTV) is a free promotion tool you can only dream of…as an art or cult movie producer. I guess the picture is clear!