Cross media successtories

9 04 2008

In this session we get an overview on different online interactive games, based on tv series. This very much reminds me on the cd-rom days, hopes this really kicks off!

Again a bbc production, Spooks Interactive, play Spooks and be an MI5’er yourself. Based on narrrative stories, simular as the television series.

FIND 815 – Lost adaptation, interactive game as well, based on the serie ‘Lost’. You find the different chapters on you tube, here is the first one

It is along stream, about 9 minutes!

The game kicks off with a video introducing us to Sam Thomas, an Oceanic IT technician whose girlfriend Sonya was on the doomed flight. While watching a news report stating that Oceanic has called off all search efforts for the plane, Sam receives a mysterious e-mail. It contains a doctored photo of Sonya, with words including “Sunda Trench,” “Christiane I,” “Black Rock,” and “Tell no one, grave consequences” hidden on the photo. The site is not active anymore, I guess a new launch will be done, when a new lost season kicks off in the fall. Yes Im’ a ‘Lost’ fan!

Another example is speedyshow. speedyshow is based on the cartoons published int Dayly SUn, Daily Sun was a newspaper in South Africa, and is not there anymore, the cartoonist decided to do his thing online.

The last one is Middlemania, this is stil under development, but it is a mystery game in a specific town, as the producer describes, where Twin peaks meets Northern Exposure. You find info here, it is somthing to follow up! The site where the post is on, is an australian organisation, labarotory for advanced media productions in short LAMP), check it out!