Delivering software and sharing idea

6 07 2008

While reading Kevin Lynch his interview in eweek, I thought I should make a little post on it. Kevin is talking about the future of Adobe, the software service model, the whole idea of sharing. For those who don’t know it yet, we are in a sharing economy model right now. We had that also in the sixties, but then we shared different things 🙂

We already saw rich internet applications, like, where you could link your flickr photos to a picnic account, manipulate your photos online, push them back to flickr, an so forth. Adobe also made premiere Express, which is video editing software in the form of a rich internet apllication, which is integrated in and you tube. The software is free of use, you can mix video etc… Adobe makes money on this by getting shared revenue from the adds placed on these sites.
It is a new way of distributing software, and getting the clients to know your software in a user generated content environment.

Adobe is also looking at hosting services, building more rich internet applications, for ex. a library where you could post your documents, share them with people you know, give access rights and so on, a whole working environment online, your virtual office one might say. I heard this a few years ago that Google was working on this idea, meanwhile it is there, still in beta but well…everything is lately.
I find it very interesting how the internet is getting a real service oriented collaborative platform, and at the same it is also scary…., sometimes I get a bit paranoid about all this social networking, social media and social computing…

But I guess it is only logic, that the internet goes trough this evolution, and that it immediately gets available on our mobile, so we have anything, anytime, anywhere.

Electronic software distribution is already a fact for a while, and software distribution in a service oriented way is a logic sequel. Imagine how many more people you can reach with different profiles, you otherwise never reach. And everybody can enjoy the quality of good products! At the same time you get all the info of the user, what their interests are and so on, and you give  the service, in pushing information that only him or her is interested in. All this is of course with opt in features. So it is not spamming!

I think it is an interesting vision, and I’m curious what this will bring in like 5 or 10 years. A different way of building and using software.

Kevin Lynch is chief software architect at adobe.


Bookpublishing without a publisher…

15 06 2008

I think a publisher has a lot of value, your book is taking seriously to start with.

But I just wanted to try this Blurb website and do the test. It took me an afternoon to do this, working with templates. The work is done offline in BookSmart the software delivered on the Blurb platform, and then you can upload the whole thing, and on the Blurb website you can offer it for sales, order your books at the same time of course ;-), this is an upcoming industry!

It works like a charm! Maybe wait for ordering;-), until I have a copy and I keep you posted on the quality!


Land of beauty and …
By Christel De Maeyer

Cross media successtories

9 04 2008

In this session we get an overview on different online interactive games, based on tv series. This very much reminds me on the cd-rom days, hopes this really kicks off!

Again a bbc production, Spooks Interactive, play Spooks and be an MI5’er yourself. Based on narrrative stories, simular as the television series.

FIND 815 – Lost adaptation, interactive game as well, based on the serie ‘Lost’. You find the different chapters on you tube, here is the first one

It is along stream, about 9 minutes!

The game kicks off with a video introducing us to Sam Thomas, an Oceanic IT technician whose girlfriend Sonya was on the doomed flight. While watching a news report stating that Oceanic has called off all search efforts for the plane, Sam receives a mysterious e-mail. It contains a doctored photo of Sonya, with words including “Sunda Trench,” “Christiane I,” “Black Rock,” and “Tell no one, grave consequences” hidden on the photo. The site is not active anymore, I guess a new launch will be done, when a new lost season kicks off in the fall. Yes Im’ a ‘Lost’ fan!

Another example is speedyshow. speedyshow is based on the cartoons published int Dayly SUn, Daily Sun was a newspaper in South Africa, and is not there anymore, the cartoonist decided to do his thing online.

The last one is Middlemania, this is stil under development, but it is a mystery game in a specific town, as the producer describes, where Twin peaks meets Northern Exposure. You find info here, it is somthing to follow up! The site where the post is on, is an australian organisation, labarotory for advanced media productions in short LAMP), check it out!

Broadcasting in the digital age, simplicity and convergence

9 04 2008

BBC Speaker Eric Huggers explains BBC approach to this. The BBC website is just completly renewed and is now working with widgets, so you can personalize your BBC website towards your interests.

There is BBC Programmes, which tells you all about the BBC programmes obviously
And of course also the BBC News.
BBC Entertainment.

BBC launched an embedded video player ‘Iplayer’, which is also available on IPOD Touch and Iphone. So they have a same standard everywhere, which is very consistent for the user and also easy for the content distribution.
BBC Iplayer, give you all the programmes from the last 7 days. It is GEO IP protected content. This means that all the content can only be viewed by UK audience.

To launch the Iplayer, BBC organised a marketing campaign over a period of 6 weeks, on all possible channels, from bilboards to classic tv, internet, and so forth. They had a 60 % penetration after that campaign, which is very succesfull.

March 08 (after 2.5 months), at a total of 17.2 mill streams, 550,000 downloads a day, and most people view an average of 25 minutes, which is a lot!

Iplayer will come available on the WII, which brings the Iplayer in the home! The WII’s audience is very broad, from young to old…

Iplayer will be extended with a rich media environment, profiling, recommendations, the classic stuff to get a community running.

BBC Is betting on the internet prototcol, and they do it very well, in the top 10 listing they are on Nr 4 and the only non US country within the top 10. They have to battle Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and the likes, Facebook was on number 10!

Other tips from BBC

Delivering quality content (owned and controlled by broadcaster)
IP Connected
Drive for media everywhere
Go global
Keep it simple (interface wise!)
GEO IP protect local content (out of GEO, content can be offered by paying).