The principal of social selling

23 03 2010

The sales process changed in many ways today. The customer is in control, and the old selling tricks, from cold calling, mailings and so forth don’t really work anymore.

Selling is about listening to your customers, read markets (what do people need) and listen to influencers. All this information you can gather trough social networks and social media spaces.  A new way of CRM is on the horizon, and Axel Shultze together with Andy Rudin wrote a white paper on this new way of social selling.

If you are a marketeer, or pre – sales person, you might be interested to read this!

At the same time I would like to bring your attention to predictive analytics, and how you can predict a buying behavior.


Meeting Axel Shultze from Xeesm – Social media academy

4 03 2010

Where do we meet people lately, or how do we get connected to people we never meet in the physical world, because of distances or other restraints. Right, trough social networks or social media, blogs and online journals, that touch our interest somehow, and try to connect with the writers, the enterpreneurs.

Axel is one of these persons I met trough social networking and social media. Axel is active in this domain, and together with his team he developed a very cool social relation management tool or social business application. He also runs the Social Media Academy. Needles to say this was a interesting meet up and interview/discussion.

Social networks and Social Media

First we talked a bit about the online social behavior in general and in a global world perspective. There it seems beside the US, one of the more dominated countries or continents our Latin America and Scadinavian countries. The Social groups online go now towards 1/2 miljon

Pepsi company and Cisco are choosing the path of social media and social networking clearly. Pepsi is no longer spending their marketing budget on the Super Bowl advertising but putting that budget in social networks and social media campaigns tied to social causes and communities, and hoping their clients will be passionate about the causes and communities and the Pepsi brand that comes with it, and therefor make a lot of buzz. See post : “Read Cisco and Pepsico CEOs on Social Networking”

I was kind a wondering if this social media – networking was related to sexy brands, but according to Axel that is not the case. John Deere the brand for agriculture machines, lawn mowers and other industrial material, started with 4000 groups world wide and grew up to 20.000 now, discussing the John Deere material, the good and the bad. On Facebook alone there are more then 500 groups on John Deere

Some figures on John Deere on Facebook

John Deere Store group has 142843 fans
John Deere Products group has 5115 fans
This is quiet a lot, personally I think John Deere is kind of a landmark, but still, it is an agriculture – industrial product.

These group platforms become an information base for customers worldwide, discussing the several products, and this is also for other brands the case, more technical products, really use the medium to create happy customers and create discussion platforms for them. The companies itself, learn a lot about their customers in that way, the way they use the products, what the problems are, what they like about it and so forth. An intelligent company can use this information to refine the products in a next version or when bringing new products to the market.

Demographics, social networks or social media is not just for the teenagers or 30+, it is a wide spread phenomenon, and not limited either in the world. It has a lot of potential to change the world for the good, at will be an enabler to hopefully more peace and less poverty in this world, if used in a good and structural way.

XeeSM Social Business Application

XeeSM, the social relation management tool, is the latest child of Axel. This tool allows you to list your links towards the several networks you are on, the blogs you keep , your other connections to theme based networks and so forth. In other words, it is link toward your ‘Digital Identity’ online. A mobile version is of course also on the way.
The future of XeeSM is of course much more then that, we can perfectly place this tool in a Human resource management environment, to scout for people. Or to marketing and sales, an advanced CRM tool if you want, because the back end of XeeSM gives possibilities to ‘Flights’ where users can invite people to a certain topic, and create kind of an environment where they can leave comments and start discussion on different topics. This can be very useful for a marketing company who wants to manage several clients, keep a breast to what is blogged and published on a certain client, keeping the digital track of social media campaigns.

XeeSM is the modern tool to keep track on clients, it replaces the old address book, and gives  Linkedin profiles, facebook profiles, twitter addresses and other specs on someone’s digital identity.

XeeSm social business application can be used in different domains, and it makes everything much more transparent in comparison with the ‘old’ business application or CRM tools now in the market.

Xeesm is a crowd sourcing based product, driven by over 1,000 inputs and feature requests from a rapidly growing group of over 30,000 business users.

The business model is based on premium services, that will be launched in the near future.

For me the most usage is that I have one url in my signature, and that is my personal Xeesm Url, and my contacts can click on it and then see where I’m active in the online world.

I think there is a bright future for this social business application, so we keep on following this very closely!

More info on XeeSM

More info on Axel

Mobile browser market share map – iCrossing

4 03 2010

Mobile browser market share map – iCrossing.

An interesting graph on the usage of the smart phone market worldwide

Cisco and Pepsico CEOs on Social Networking

4 03 2010

Visionary CEOs on Social Networking: John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Indra Nooyi, CEO, Pepsico Jeffrey Joerres, President and CEO, Manpower | Dr. Harish Kotadia

via Cisco and Pepsico CEOs on Social Networking.