Design for Conversion conference

6 11 2009

The Mobile Edition. This years design for conversion is all about Mobile.

Design for Conversion, is in the line of Our Design for Persuasion conference, only that it is in the Netherland – Amsterdam. Some very good speakers talking about their ideas, experiences and more

Detailed program on the Design for Conversion website, early birds still available!


Schmap – city guides

9 03 2009

Schmap city guides is a nice concept to explore your city  destinations online, also for Iphone and Nokia. You can also create your own guides with schmap 2.0, an app for creating your own maps.

They work together with Flickr content for photo material, one of my photos got selected!


BT acquires Ribbit

29 07 2008

Ribbit has been acquired by British Telecom. According to BT Managing Director the Ribbit platform will enable BT to transform a telco to a platform based software driven services company.

The complete interview on ribbit

Ribbit open platform for Telephony Innovation

10 07 2008

Ribbit is a phone company reinvented. Combining the web, social networking features with voice.

Telephony has remained virtually unchanged for decades, while at the same time the Internet has revolutionized personal communications in the blink of an eye. Yet, these two worlds remain distinct; walled-off from each other and blocking the innovations that would surely emerge if they were allowed to come together.

Ribbit was created to break this stalemate. Ribbit is the result of a group of Silicon Valley phone and Web veterans coming together, in a distinctly new way, to create a distinctly new company.  View the ribbit website for more info, interesting to follow.


Iphone updates: from wordpress

5 07 2008

I’m still doubting about buying an Iphone or Nokia N95 style…., I really don’t like the way Apple put there Iphone in the market…, so ratio says no, heart says yes…., time will figure it out I guess..

News from the wordpress front. 

First we’ve updated our mobile interface, which you can reach at, to be much more iPhone friendly. It’s still not sexy, but it’s quite snappy and is great for checking your stats, posting an entry, or posting a bookmark on the go.

Second we’ve updated the Prologue theme to be much friendlier to iPhones both for browsing and posting. We now have about half a dozen Prologues that we use internally at Automattic to coordinate our development, support, and even communication with contractors, so I’ve been testing this out pretty heavily over the last few days and it’s quite handy.

I think the iPhone is a pretty exciting new platform, and I think we’ll do more to embrace it in the future. Having such a powerful browser available on the phone really opens up what you can do. I recently picked up a N95 because I’ve heard people compare it favorably to the iPhone, but the web experience is terrible! Once you get used to that touchscreen, it’s hard to go back.

by Matt founder wordpress

CitySense San Francisco nightlife activity

3 07 2008

Curious where everybody is hanging out in San Francisco? CitySense shows where the action is and where you need to be to have some fun!

You check if it is a good night to go out. CitySense keeps track of everything trough hotspots and feeds. Something to follow up. Available on Blackberry and soon on the Iphone.

After using citySense, the appliction will keep track of your interest, and push info where your bodies are, or where there are events that might interest you. Of course considering your privacy, read all about that on the citySense website.

Brightkite location based social network

22 06 2008

Brightkite is recent initiative for location based social networking. You don’t need GPS, it works with all mobile phones and laptop. I’m curious if that’s true, I will try this out with my 8 year old Nokia…

The website is very basic of course, has a  fresh and playful design. So check it out!

local based social network