The Future Of Webapps

24 10 2008

Steven Verbruggen went to Future of Web Apps conference in London UK, and highlighted some of the sessions on his blog.

Speakers were from Digg, Dopplr, SUN, Salesforce etc…, clearly we move to a next generation on the web, platforms, software as a service, where communities and aggregation of content is becoming a major topic.

Thanks Steven for the report!


The open mesh from Marc Canter

21 10 2008

The open mesh from Marc Canter is a vision towards the future web. How to develop and get the benefits from an open web.

The video is 30 minutes presentation from Marc Canter on the open mesh, his view and vision. Marc Canter is one of my favorite visionairies, we’ve met in the early days of Macromind during the first macromind conference at the holiday inn in Chinatown San Francisco. it was clear that we were then on the horizon of some new and exciting times.

Enjoy this presentation, Marc is still very good at it!