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15 04 2008

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Mobile sessions at Milia

10 04 2008

It is all still a bit fuzzy. Business models are still not at place, but things start to happen. As a spokeswoman from Yahoo mobile services said, the train left the station, it is time to hop on it!

That same speaker also told us, that developing content for mobile devices is a nightmare, and I can believe her! All the differnt screen sizes, 6 different operating systems, it is even worse then developping for the internet with all the browsers out there, and the different platforms. But let’s stay possitive about it!

The whole panel is convinced, that in the long run, a lot of money can be made, and different associations are working on standards. A premtature market with a lot of potential.

Worldwide text and camera functionalities are the most utilized functions on the mobile, besides calling of course;-). Text is about 92 % en Camera about 72 %.
Internet usage in the UK, 30 %, in the US is 50 %.

Sorry guys and girls, Belgian statistics where not even mentioned. They are talking about the asian countries, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and UK.

Another impressive stat is that 3.3 billion people are subscribed to mobile service! This half of the world population!!!

In Japan and Korea, is the Mobile the first screen, while in other continents it is the 4 th Screen.

We see big players going into the market, like Turner a division Time Warner, who brings CNN mobile on the mobile device, and also looking at other media content to put on the devices. Telecom france/orange has signed a contract with Warner Bros to deliver content to the different platforms.

At the momen the business plan for adds and content is based on revenue sharing. So risks are taking by all the parties together.