We are changing the world

4 11 2009

EFE, founder of the auteurs

They definitely do at www.theauteurs.com. An alternative film platform, where you can watch art movies for € 5 and some of them are free. In addition you get a forum, where you can discuss movies, with your peers and have a social community within the platform.

TheAuteurs.com, has a bright future I think. And according to Efe the founder, this is only the beginning. The auteurs was launched in November 2008. After a first year, they have 500K visits a month, and 150K registered members.  As more people are using the platform, the infrastrucuture gets more expensive, the video streams has to be of an excellent quality to not disappoint the viewer, and give them a great experience. Efe works with quality people, excellent developers, no outsourcing to India or other low rate countries, he wants to control, and have the feeling he owns its platform, and wants happy people, who share the same passion.

Theauteurs.com main partner is Celluloid Dreams, among others like The Criterion Collection and Costa Films. According to Efe these partners add tremendous value.  Hengameh Panahi, Celluloid Dreams boss, is today running day-to-day operations with Efe.  Even Martin Scorsese is in for this platform.

While discussing the future, we talk about Mobile, mobile has enormous potential for this platform, not to view films on your mobile, you could do that of course, but mainly new tablets will come out soon, also from Apple, and these tablets you could hang on to your HD television at home, and view your movies relax as you please, within your own time schedule. And if you are on a plane, you can watch it on your tablet, Iphone or Ipodtouch. With WIFI you avoid the expensive data communication in streaming the content to the viewer.

Efe is also a believer of non DRM delivering of movies. You download movies of your choice, for X euros or dollars or whatever currency, and you download them and do with them what you want. This would most probably then stimulate less piracy. I hope we have this soon available. The consumer is ready, but the distributor not yet. They still need to lose more money, and then they will see they have to change their distributing models…., like the music industry did after Apple’s Itunes.

TheAuteurs.com is not a replacement platform for the cinema, but a complementary channel for viewing films. Needless to say that now a days, art films hardly make it into the movie theatre, and thanks to TheAuteurs.com they can find a place, and maybe find the way to movie theathre in a different way or reverse way.

It is about changing the world, give the world a different experience, give the cinefile a new engaging platform. And it is also about passion and being surrounded by good people, Efe has good support from family and friends, and has his health, which is the main important thing!




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