Delivering software and sharing idea

6 07 2008

While reading Kevin Lynch his interview in eweek, I thought I should make a little post on it. Kevin is talking about the future of Adobe, the software service model, the whole idea of sharing. For those who don’t know it yet, we are in a sharing economy model right now. We had that also in the sixties, but then we shared different things 🙂

We already saw rich internet applications, like, where you could link your flickr photos to a picnic account, manipulate your photos online, push them back to flickr, an so forth. Adobe also made premiere Express, which is video editing software in the form of a rich internet apllication, which is integrated in and you tube. The software is free of use, you can mix video etc… Adobe makes money on this by getting shared revenue from the adds placed on these sites.
It is a new way of distributing software, and getting the clients to know your software in a user generated content environment.

Adobe is also looking at hosting services, building more rich internet applications, for ex. a library where you could post your documents, share them with people you know, give access rights and so on, a whole working environment online, your virtual office one might say. I heard this a few years ago that Google was working on this idea, meanwhile it is there, still in beta but well…everything is lately.
I find it very interesting how the internet is getting a real service oriented collaborative platform, and at the same it is also scary…., sometimes I get a bit paranoid about all this social networking, social media and social computing…

But I guess it is only logic, that the internet goes trough this evolution, and that it immediately gets available on our mobile, so we have anything, anytime, anywhere.

Electronic software distribution is already a fact for a while, and software distribution in a service oriented way is a logic sequel. Imagine how many more people you can reach with different profiles, you otherwise never reach. And everybody can enjoy the quality of good products! At the same time you get all the info of the user, what their interests are and so on, and you give  the service, in pushing information that only him or her is interested in. All this is of course with opt in features. So it is not spamming!

I think it is an interesting vision, and I’m curious what this will bring in like 5 or 10 years. A different way of building and using software.

Kevin Lynch is chief software architect at adobe.




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