Broadcasting in the digital age, simplicity and convergence

9 04 2008

BBC Speaker Eric Huggers explains BBC approach to this. The BBC website is just completly renewed and is now working with widgets, so you can personalize your BBC website towards your interests.

There is BBC Programmes, which tells you all about the BBC programmes obviously
And of course also the BBC News.
BBC Entertainment.

BBC launched an embedded video player ‘Iplayer’, which is also available on IPOD Touch and Iphone. So they have a same standard everywhere, which is very consistent for the user and also easy for the content distribution.
BBC Iplayer, give you all the programmes from the last 7 days. It is GEO IP protected content. This means that all the content can only be viewed by UK audience.

To launch the Iplayer, BBC organised a marketing campaign over a period of 6 weeks, on all possible channels, from bilboards to classic tv, internet, and so forth. They had a 60 % penetration after that campaign, which is very succesfull.

March 08 (after 2.5 months), at a total of 17.2 mill streams, 550,000 downloads a day, and most people view an average of 25 minutes, which is a lot!

Iplayer will come available on the WII, which brings the Iplayer in the home! The WII’s audience is very broad, from young to old…

Iplayer will be extended with a rich media environment, profiling, recommendations, the classic stuff to get a community running.

BBC Is betting on the internet prototcol, and they do it very well, in the top 10 listing they are on Nr 4 and the only non US country within the top 10. They have to battle Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and the likes, Facebook was on number 10!

Other tips from BBC

Delivering quality content (owned and controlled by broadcaster)
IP Connected
Drive for media everywhere
Go global
Keep it simple (interface wise!)
GEO IP protect local content (out of GEO, content can be offered by paying).




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