Branded Entertainment

9 04 2008

Branded Entertainment was an interesting session on Milia. It illustrates ways of creating quality content, funded by companies in the private sector.
Other ways of branded entertainment is of course, product placement, this has to be done in very subttle way and seamless integration within the production itself!

6 billionothers is a project of Yann Arthus Bertrand funded by BNP-Parisbas. What is it all about, about all the people in the world, to get to know them, their culture, their language, to get to know eachother, to create a better world. Asking questions about universal values. What is happiness? What lessons can we learn from life’s diffilculties. Who pays it, BNP Paribas!

Another example is the one from starter wife, a production of Ogilvy Entertainment.

The Starter Wife is “presented by Pond’s,” as all the promos note. This arrangement is a good fit because the series’ plot—a fortysomething woman gets dumped by her husband—aligns nicely with Pond’s new marketing strategy: to make “age defying” skin-care remedies, aimed at women 40 and older. As an exclusive sponsor, Pond’s has done all the usual leveraging. During commercial breaks, the company will run vignettes about real-life women who are “starting over,” and there’s also a Pond’s/The Starter Wife contest giving viewers the chance to win a diamond “right-hand ring.” (Ah yes, that age-old symbol of female independence—which is in no way a fiendish invention of the diamond industry.)

The starter wife is tv serie in the US!




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